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About Lennox Pave-All

Our second-generation, family-owned business installs interlocking and natural stone, landscape, and a wide variety of  structures such as: exterior kitchens, pergolas, stone ovens, fireplaces, gazebos, retaining walls, and much more.

Interlocking Stone Aurora

We adhere to the guidelines of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). It is of tremendous importance that contractors follow these guidelines at the very least to ensure that the lifespan of the project is optimized, and the workmanship is being carried out with the highest standard and professionalism.

Our goal in this industry is to set a new standard in quality workmanship practices and customer relations. In the interlocking stone industry there are no governing bodies that enforce poor workmanship practices nor is there a mandatory training program that educates contractors in all aspects of this industry including the construction aspect. This ultimately allows contractors to set whatever standard they wish in workmanship. Essentially, this highlights the importance of choosing the right contractor to hire and entrust in completing your project.

In addition, it is equally as important for you to educate yourself in the construction and hiring process to filter out poor contractors. Under our gallery page we have numerous of educational material for you to review about these processes. The inconvenient truth about allowing contractors to set the standard is it puts profit above anything us which affects contractors that choose to do things right. It affects these contractors because how the project is being constructed reflects the price. Naturally, those that do not follow the ICPI guidelines have lower material and operation costs, since they would be compromising on the construction process, than those that follow or go beyond the ICPI guidelines.

As a response we have implemented a number of strategies to combat those issues, for instance, we implemented a unique pricing system that emphasizes on cost transparency. It breaks down all costs, including labour, separately to prevent any markup, accurately predict expected total costs, and educate you in the construction process. Other strategies we've implemented are :

  • Providing homeowner(s) with a detailed analysis of their land (topography and soil).
  • Providing a detailed list of the construction process.
  • Provide the ICPI guidelines that pertain to the homeowner's project.
  • Every homeowner receives a 2D drawing for their project (3D drawings are available).

It is an absolute must for us that homeowners are in possession of all that information prior to excavation. We want to ensure that homeowners are comfortable and can depend on Lennox Pave-All to delivery and exceed their expectations.

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